Mormon Scholars in the Humanities is an association dedicated to:

  • Promoting intellectual and collegial exchange among LDS humanities scholars in the United States and abroad;
  • Fostering support and mentoring for the production of superior scholarship in all humanistic disciplines;
  • Providing a forum for exchange that explores and strengthens LDS values, especially as they relate to humanistic inquiry; and
  • Assisting members in the successful integration of the intellectual and spiritual aspects of their lives.

Mormon Scholars in the Humanities encourages scholarly inquiry in all areas of the humanities, not only those directly related to Mormon culture and history.


The MSH Constitution and By-laws are available here.



Mormon Scholars in the Humanities was established in 2007 with its inaugural meeting, “Mormon Belief, Scholarship, and the Humanities,” held at Brigham Young University March 23–24, 2007, with support from the College of Humanities at BYU-Provo. The organization was formed with the intent of providing a forum for humanities scholars to reflect on the various connections between religious practice and academic projects, both practical and theoretical.

MSH has held regular meetings since that time at a variety of institutions throughout the United States. Effort is made to ensure that meetings cultivate a collegial and supportive atmosphere. As a result, a secondary, though important, purpose to the organization has emerged: to provide a space to facilitate community and connections among Mormon scholars who work in the humanities at both LDS and non-LDS institutions.


Current Leadership

Jenny Webb, President (2016–2018)

Brad Kramer, Vice-President (2016–2018)

Jonathon Penny, Vice-President (2018–2020)

David Paxman, Treasurer (ongoing)

Shawn Tucker, Secretary (2018–2020)

Tod Robbins, Webmaster


Past Leadership

George Handley, President (2007–2008)

David Paxman, President (2009–2011)

John Armstrong, President (2011–2012)

Alan Goff, President (2012–2015)